The Tower of Tales at the Tower of London

The Tower of London has a powerful history stretching back over 900 years, serving as palace, prison, menagerie and setting for Royal pageantry.

A classical fairytale tower rises from the lawns. The outer walls are made of a series of boxes, some acting as tiny containers for animal figures, little people puppets, bookshelves and objects. It's walls are panels of beaten metal, etched into like the walls of the towers prisons. Surrounding this Tower is a moat area filled with a living mosaic of vegetables and flowers representative of the second world war 'dig for victory' years.

Inside the Tower, a soundscape made up of children's voices tells tales and stories inspired by the Tower of London and and its surrounding communities.

Created in June 2000, for the Greenwich and Docklands festival with Director Mark Storor and composer Jules Maxwell.