Commissions can be public or private. Sofie works with the client in a collaborative process that uncovers a synthesis between her own aesthetic sensibility and the nature of the project, producing a beautiful, sensitive and appropriate piece of work that responds to both the environment and the needs of the occasion.

Examples include Field of Flowers, a commission by Historic Royal Palaces to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, which saw the seeding of ten giant dandelion heads made up of over 6,300 individual flowers in the grounds of Kensington Palace. This piece inspired an American collector to commission a private piece for the courtyard of her home, Fountain and Flowers. Working with the architect and the client, the central courtyard was transformed by the installation of a sculptural fountain with floating petals and wallflowers, transforming an old drying yard from a utility space to a contemplative, reflective environment.

Field of Flowers, Kensington Palace, London

Fountain Wallflowers, Private house, Connecticut, USA
Dragon, Clore Learning Centre, Hampton Court Palace, Surrey