About Sofie

Sofie has worked as an artist for over 30 years. Her work includes installation, site sensitive performance and theatre.

Her most recent work explores the creative interface between patients and the scientific clinical landscape, based on a participative narrative process. She conceived Bedside Manners (2012 -2013) at Evelina Children’s Hospital, creating an installation which developed from the interface with parents and children Making the Invisible Visible was originally created during her residency Under the Microscope at Great Ormond Street Hospital (2015-2016) which focused on rare diseases and how an artist can mediate between patients and the clinical world. She is currently leading The Heart of the Matter (2016-2019) a national project exploring the medical, experiential and poetic dimensions of the heart.

She has worked as an artist with Historic Royal Palaces, projects include: The Field of Flowers (2007) a commission to create the installation to mark the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death at Kensington Palace. 6000 people contributed to a series of 10,3.5 meter high metal 'Dandelion' sculptures. Other projects include Danity Dish, an installation weaving peoples stories into recipes on an illuminated in the vaults at the Tower of London created with Mark Storor.

Other collaborations with artists include For the Best (with Mark Storor) Unicorn Theatre, TMA award for Best Theatre; and The Garden and Ironman (with Jenny Sealey, Artistic director Graeae Theatre).

Sofie’s work is mixed media and she often work uses textiles and metal with surface print in her design process.

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