The Iron Man, Norwich Festival

THE IRON MAN by Ted Huges
adapted by Paul Sirett directed by Jenny Seally

Once upon a time, but not too long ago, the unexpected arrival of THE IRON MAN cast a shadow of fear across our small farm community. Together we struggled to trap this giant foe and stop his insatiable hunger for metal. But, when an enormous dragon from outer space threatened to annihilate our planet, it was THE IRON MAN who valiantly came to our rescue.

Against a backdrop of celestial sound scapes, a deaf and disabled ensemble spins this compelling story with words, signs and an audio descriptive narrative. The Iron Man is a colossal narrative that emerges from the shadows and takes to the air.

Production Credits
Designer – Sofie Layton

Composer and sound designer – Lewis Gibson

Commissioned by Without Walls and Greenwich+Docklands International Festival