As well as creating installations that blur the boundaries of art and theatre, Sofie creates outdoor site-specific and site-sensitive theatre.

Working as a designer and maker, Sofie devises projects with teams of people, to create monumental sculptural puppets, giant silk flowers or little people puppets that appear from cooking pots within the mesmerising environments that she conjures up, exploring scale and its relationship to illusion.

At the core of Sofie’s work is the individual performer transformed by costume, masks and puppets.

She regularly collaborates with theatre artist Mark Storor, creates work for Greenwich and Docklands International Festival and designs for Graeae Theatre. She has worked with LIFT, Kinetika and many extraordinary artists.

For the Best, Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

For the Best, Unicorn Theatre, London
Iron Man, Graeae Theatre, Greenwich and Docklands Festival, Brighton Festival, Norwich Festival and Stockton Festival
The Garden, Graeae Theatre/Strange Fruit, Greenwich and Docklands Festival, and South Bank Centre, London
Against the Tide, Graeae Theatre/Strange Fruit, Greenwich and Docklands Festival, Milton Keynes Festival and National Theatre, London
Run, Greenwich and Docklands Festival
Mirage Oposito, Greenwich and Docklands Festival
Maritime Mysteries, Greenwich and Docklands Festival
Charabanc, Epping Forest Arts, Essex
Copthall, Epping Forest Arts, Essex
Flight, Kinetika, Notting Hill Carniva